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Volvo V40 updated-Seat facelifted Ibiza-Hyundai Sonata hybrid

Seat this week announced a brand new facelifted version of the Ibiza which is expected to go on sale in two years time and ever since the announcement, more and more information has been coming in for the new model with the latest suggesting that the Spanish firm are indeed taking some styling tips from their other successful range the Leon. It is said that Seat will focus on sharing similar designs to the Leon and even in the way it drives. Images which have been revealed show a new X style front frame to the car and similar style wheel arches to that of the Leon aswell as the creases in the bodywork. Seat have said that for the new car they are to focus heavily on the design of the vehicle aswell as technology but it is yet to be revealed as to what these new technology features are. It was also mentioned that hybrid versions of the car could very much be a possibility in the near future but for the moment, this remains to be seen.


The Volvo V40 receives the Polestar treatment

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has announced that they are going to update their successful V40 model with an optimisation pack in the form of the Polestar treatment. The new update added to the car now means that the V40 will benefit from features such as the likes of brand new, nineteen inch wheels and seat belts in a Red design. Power however will be the strongest focal point of all with some nice tweaks being made to the overall power that the car delivers upon. Volvo have confirmed that both their T5 petrol and D4 diesel engines will be featured with more power which now means 253bhp for the petrol unit confirmed and 200 brake horse power for the diesel engine. Both vehicle units also see a vast increase in Torque thanks to these updates. The Sweden based firm also confirmed that these new updated models will become available from near the back end of next month. Exciting news indeed for all you Volvo fans out there.


Hyundai Sonata hybrid images appear online

Hyundai have revealed new images of their forthcoming hybrid version of their Sonata car. Along with the new pictures that were posted online yesterday, the Korean firm also revealed some brand new information regarding the specifics of the car. The first thing on the agenda was the overall range that the car can travel and this was confirmed to be at 24 miles from electric power alone. A two litre petrol engine giving out 154bhp has also been paired up to an electric motor and as standard Hyundai have said that an automatic six speed transmission will come along with the car. The car has only been announced to be going on sale in the United States from next year but although not commented on by the brand, if sales prove to be popular, there is a chance that the firm could expand their Sonata range in other countries world wide too with sales of the new hybrid.