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UK motorcycle sales-Yamaha recalls announced-Ducati Diavel Titanium sales

Ducati have started their first set of delivers for Europe of their new special limited edition Titanium Diavel models. The touring bike will be produced in Titanium form with limited numbers of just five hundred units. Not all of these however are to be found in the United Kingdom. Some will go on sale across other countries world wide. The news has been confirmed that the new model that carries a Silver titanium finish and new features such as a redesigned exhaust and new aluminium designed wheels has begun to land in dealerships around the country and is expected to sell out very quickly. The Titanium model is available for £23,130 but we would recommend to call a dealer if you are planning to travel a while for the new model just to make sure its in stock as they are very limited.


Yamaha announce a batch of recalls

Yamaha have announced that they are to issue recalls for various motorcycles here in Britain which include the MT-09, YFZ-R6 and Super Teneres models. The problem reported by the brand is with the transmission which can stop the rider from selecting a new gear. Only new 2015 models are affected by this latest recall and if not yet contacted, you should contact your nearest dealer to check whether you could be affected. Yamaha have said that the fix will involve them replacing the gear shift shaft on the bike if cracking occurs which can stop the rider from selecting gears.


The UK dominates with motorcycle sales

It has been revealed thanks to sales statistics that the United Kingdom is the biggest selling market for new motorcycles throughout the whole of Europe. A total of 83,760 new bike sales were reported for January and February which is impressive considering the time of year and hold cold it is for bikers. It has been stated that ten percent of these sales figures were reported to be from the UK with other countries such as Spain and Italy also coming into play aswell as Germany and others. New registrations in the UK have risen by just over sixteen percent on a year on year basis. We are excited to hear as to whether these statistics continue to climb when sales figures for following months are revealed. The only country were motorcycle sales dropped in Europe was for France by 5.1 percent.