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Toyota and BMW team up-Porsche future technology-Range Rover Evoque recalls

Porsche will look to take their vehicle range to the next level in the future as they have announced their intentions of upgrading the technology across their range to allow more use of smartphone connectivity services. This would more than likely include the likes of ios and Android operating systems with also the potential of seeing Apple's 'Carplay' system coming into play too. This is just the beginning for Porsche who have also announced a brand seventh model will be joining their line up and new all electric vehicle is also in the works. There is no confirmation for the moment as to when any of these new features will come into play aswell as the new vehicle launches but we would expect that we are more closer to the launch of new smartphone connectivity systems than we are to the launch of two new vehicles.


A brand new Toyota Supra to be produced

As a part of a joint operation programme between both BMW and Toyota, the brands are planning on the launch of a brand new Supra model in the future. This new partnership will also include the launch of a new BMW Z4 but the companies are making sure that even though both will be hybrid vehicles, they will be different in order to not go head to head for sales on the market. Information on both vehicles is still a little scarce for the time being but we have received confirmation from both companies that the new Supra model has indeed reached its concept phase which could therefore point towards a possible reveal this year at one of the big motoring events. There was a lot of speculation as to where the new model would sit in the companies line up but we now know that the car will sit just above the GT86 model. More is expected to be announced on both upcoming models over the next number of months so watch this space for more information.


Range Rover Evoque recalls could lead to more

The news has been revealed today that for the Chinese market, Jaguar Land Rover have issued a recall of over 36,000 vehicles with all models affected being the Range Rover Evoque. The fault with the car has been reported back to be a problem with the gearbox which problem was made clear on Chinese television last weekend. The brand were originally informed of the situation regarding the gearboxes but it was said that Jaguar failed to act on the problems. After the airing of the programme, Jaguar Land Rover took to social media to apologise for their faults and have officially issued a new recall on the models. Companies such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Nissan were also focused upon in the programme. With these recalls affecting the British car maker and the majority of these cars shipping out of the companies UK plant, there could be some possibility that the brand may recall some models here in Britain but as for this moment in time, this remains to be seen.