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Top 10 days for car accidents in the UK


Did you know which days of the year are the most 'popular' for car accidents? New motoring research from car insurance giants Admiral reveals when you are most likely to be in a prang.


Admiral gathered and studied insurance claim data from 2012 to December 2021. The data only includes claims for accidents and collisions, not thefts or other kinds of damage.  Top 10 days for car accidents in the UK



So the top 10 days for car accidents, starting with the busiest, are as follows.


  1. 18th January
  2. 5th December
  3. 4th December
  4. 16th January
  5. 28th February
  6. 1st December
  7. 18th December
  8. 1st February
  9. 30th November
  10. 14th December


It may come as no surprise that most car accidents are during the winter months when it's dark, cold, and wet outside. Unsurprisingly, car insurance costs are at their highest during the winter months also.


The most common car accident is a car going into a stationary object, such as a wall or tree. This makes up 40% of all car accidents in this research. The second most common car accident is when two cars collide with each other and then thirdly car drivers hitting pedestrians.


Despite December providing five of the top ten most popular days for accidents, the number one spot went to January 18th. On that day you are 33% more likely to have a collision-based insurance claim than the average day of the year, according to Admiral.


So will you think about leaving your car at home on these days? Maybe not, but it may mean drivers are extra specially careful on these days to avoid becoming part of the statistics.