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The latest Motorcycle news for 22-05-2015

Kawasaki this year have done a very good job of turning heads when it comes to the development of their new H2 Ninja which is now one of the most powerful motorcycles available on the market. However there could be a motorcycle now designed over in Australia which is more powerful than that of the H2. The new model developed down under carries the power of not one but two engines from the Yamaha R1 and what makes this even more special, is that this particular model is all set to go on sale also. A total of 334 brake horse power will be put out from the two blended R1 engines which beats the 326bhp given out by the H2R Ninja. The bike has also been designed with comfort and riding performance in mind also and carries the best in parts that the motorcycle world has to offer. The fittings of Brembo brakes, Marschesini tyres and Ohlins forks help to enhance the riding experience. As you may have suspected, a bike of this calibre does not come cheap. A price tag of £115,000 has been slapped on the bike but no news has become available as to when the bike would go on sale.


The first Kawasaki Ninja H2 is sold in the UK

Well it has finally happened. The very first Ninja H2 model to be sold in the United Kingdom has taken place. The new H2 rivals that of the Hayabusa when it comes to speed and power and now nabs the spot for the most powerful motorcycle on the market as stated earlier on in this post. The bike has made first deliveries in the UK now and the very first buyer may be well known to some of you as it was Paul Hollywood who is a part of the BBC television show, the Great British Bake Off. This could be the start of something great for sales on the new bike that carries a supercharged, 998cc engine with power also being boosted by the fitting of the lightweight Trellis frame. More dealers are looking to have possession of the new H2 model over the course of this year with prices for the bike coming in at £22,000.


Electric motorcycles to come at a cheaper price

Much like we have seen with Electric cars in the UK, it has been revealed that electric motorcycles are now also set to receive a government grant which will see a total of up to £1,500 take off of the price of one of these machines. New E motorbikes will do a vital role in keeping the country pollution free much in the same way that cars have found success in doing. Which is why with this government initiative has been introduced. A meeting between the government and some of the worlds biggest motorcycle manufacturers including Yamaha,BMW and Harley Davidson was held which helped to come to this agreement.