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The future of the Toyota Land Cruiser and Aston Martin DBX-Audi A8 news revealed

The news was officially confirmed last week that Aston Martin are definitely going to go ahead with the production of their new DBX model which was originally debuted as a concept machine. The way the car is going to look though is still very much in the air at this moment in time and there seems to be some speculation of the car taking more of a crossover approach perhaps. This could of course prove not to be the case and we could see the car go in a more sportier form. One thing is for sure though and that is, the car will remain a two door design the same as the concept variant. The DBX will be badged as a 2017 model.


The Audi A8 will have self driving technology

Audi have confirmed that their next A8 model in their line up will indeed come along with self driving technology. There was a lot of speculation about it over the past number of months with the question up in the air. However the news has been confirmed and we will see the new car go on sale in two years time. The new self driving technology will include ultrasonic sensors and video cameras which will be located all around the car and will be able to drive the vehicle upto speeds of 37 miles per hour before the driver then taking over. That is not the only new gadget to come with the next A8 though, new technology which allows the driver to operate their mobile phone, audio system and the climate control of the vehicle will also come into play. Audi have not said much more on this matter at the moment though. This new model will be one of few in the firms range to include the new MLB platform which will make the car lighter and more agile. The new A8 could very well be that step up in technology that the car industry has been searching for.


Fancy a new Toyota Land Cruiser?

An image has been posted online within the last twenty four hours which reveals what could very well be an updated facelifted version of the Land Cruiser from Toyota. There is still some questioning as to whether the image is legit or it is a fake. The image apparently was taken from a new brochure for the car brand and reveals Silver paintwork with LED headlights matched up with large silver and black alloy wheels. Other features shown include a revised set of lights at the back end of the Land Cruiser and a reshaped centre console inside of the cabin. We are still very much in the dark to the authenticity of this image but if it is the real deal, we would expect that after this, Toyota could very well reveal the new very soon. More on this news as and when we have it.