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Skoda reveal the all new Superb Combi

Skoda have officially revealed their brand new Combi addition into their Superb range which will go on sale here in the United Kingdom from this coming September. It was also confirmed by the Czech firm that the new car would go on display for the very first time from the Frankfurt Motor Show being held in Germany later this year. To get potential buyers excited for the new car though, Skoda have released some information regarding the new model and some of its most impressive special features. The Superb has been one of the most exciting and popular selling Skoda models ever released by the brand and since its initial launch in 2001, three generations of the car have continued to impress. So speaking of impressing, what features of the new Superb Combi impressed us the most?.


Features to look out for with the new Superb Combi

So the big improvement which has put the whole car word on notice is the sheer amount of space that is offered inside of the car which is also joined along by 660 litres of space for the boot. Vast improvements mean that both the driver and passengers benefit from more leg and head room than ever before with a Superb model. Measurements have been revealed with 995mm of headroom being included at the front end of the car with 1,001mm at in the back.

Engine wise, Skoda have confirmed the options of both petrol and diesel engines but did not give the exact specifics concerning what engines these will be. The power that is going to be developed by the engines though has been confirmed With diesels starting out at 118bhp and the petrols coming in with 123bhp. All two litre diesels and a two litre petrol will be offered with all wheel drive as will the 1.4 petrol engine. Both safety and technology have also been a big focus for the new car as is demonstrated by both Apple and Android connectivity and the option for an internet connection also being available in the car. A much improved dynamic chassis control system has also been brought into the mix which will help to make the car even more safer also.


Which vehicles will the Superb Combi have in its sights?

Two vehicles which are expected to be the biggest sources of competition for the new vehicle are the Ford Mondeo estate variation and the Passat from Volkswagen. Both of these vehicles have proven to be at the top of their league when it comes to large family size vehicles and they could certainly bring the fight to the Superb Combi. Which do you think will be the better car on the market though?. Let us know your thoughts on the new vehicle via the comments section at our social media pages right now including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.