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Record sales at GapInsurance123

Well, the September new 66 plate registrations were expected to herald a busy time at GapInsurance123 but even we were surprised just how busy! We normally expect a busy time on our website and over the phones but our team has been even busier than ever before setting up policies for customers old and new.

Record sales at GapInsurance123

The September 2016 figures saw our company break its previous record sales month of March 2016, even though we would expect March to be a busier month and it has an extra day. Year on year we saw a 40% increase in September 2016 when compared to September 2015 and a whopping 249% increase when compared to September 2014. We also saw our previous single day sales record broken no fewer than 4 times in September 2016.

The major investment in 2015 and 2016 from our company saw the purchase and development of our new headquarters at 56 and 57 Hamilton Square on the banks of the River Mersey in Birkenhead. The buildings are not typical 'call centres' being Victorian Grade 1 listed but as part of the redevelopment we installed state of the art IT communications systems which saw our call lines expanded by 50% and new fibre optic broadband installed. This has allowed us to integrate more staff both on our Customer Services side and in Administration. Aequitas Automotive Ltd Hamilton Square

We are pleased to say that the even bigger than expected September rush was easily absorbed by our new systems, and we will look to add new features in the coming months.

Of course, we realise we are nothing without our customers. We will continue to strive to offer the very best products and services in the UK in our field. As a demonstration or that ongoing commitment we have announced today that we will not be passing on the increased rate of Insurance Premium Tax from 1st October 2016 to our customers. Instead, we will absorb the increase from our margins. The increase in volume sales allows us to make this decision and we hope it represents a firm 'thank you' for the continued support of our customers.