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McLaren Sports Series future-Mercedes GLE Coupe pricing-Mazda MX5 production

The number of Sports Series models being produced by the McLaren brand is continuing to increase on a year on year basis. We have seen the latest additions into the range as recently as last week in Geneva Switzerland. There are currently five Sports Series models in the line up which includes the 625C,650S,P1, P1 GTR and the 675LT which was shown for the very first time last week. At this growing rate, there is a big possibility that more sports model may be set to join the line up over the next number of years. In total it is believed that there could end up being around seven different models available in the range altogether. McLarens chief executive Mike Flewitt commented on the Sports Series range and said that there are going to be a lot of variations on offer across the line up with different body designs for certain vehicles set to go on offer also. McLaren are without a doubt one of the worlds finest super car designers who have proved to be a big rival for Porsche, Lotus and BMW in the past. The additions of new Sports Series models will certainly do the brand a world of good and could be the models they need to officially put them at the number one position in the Supercar world.


Mercedes announce GLE Coupe pricing for the German market

The new GLE Coupe model form Mercedes Benz will go on sale from this coming June and today the prices to come along with the vehicle have been confirmed but only for Germany. When this brand new model launches it is expected to be one of the biggest sources of competition for the BMW X6 and will look to match the car power wise by thrown in one diesel and two petrol selections for the customer. All engines are three litre V6 units with the diesel giving out 254bhp and expected to be the best seller. A 328bhp developing petrol engine is also a choice but the higher powered petrol will give out 362bhp. Artico leather seating, twenty inch wheels,a reversing camera and sports seating are all features that Mercedes will be looking at to help them beat BMW for the top spot. A price of 56,050 Euros has been confirmed as a starting price which would mean around the £40,000 area here in the UK. Prices will rise for the top range model from 105,450 Euros or £75,687 here in Britain.


Mazda begin their MX-5 production

The production of the brand new MX-5 model has been started by Mazda in the firms home country of Japan. The new model will be rolled out across the Japanese market from June but it has been confirmed that international deliveries will occur shortly after. However this does not mean all models will be shipped straight away as some customers may have to wait due to the being rolled out gradually. The new car is expected to be good seller for Mazda thanks to some additions such as a new sports suspension system and the companies SKYACTIV technology. The order books on the new car are open right now ahead of the cars arrival here in the United Kingdom where customers can secure their vehicle with a small deposit of just £1,000.