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Koenigsegg Regera revealed-Mercedes Black Series return-Mitsubishi PHEV success

It has been confirmed that the Mitsubishi PHEV is the best selling plug in hybrid car on the road right now. Sales statistics have been revealed which show that the PHEV beat some other top selling models to the number one position including the likes of the Nissan Leaf. The PHEV has been on sale for just one year and for it to achieve the high number of sales it has in this short time is nothing short of impressive. The vehicle returns 148mpg and produces just 44g/km in C02 emissions. These are believed to be two of the biggest reasons why the PHEV has achieved as much success as it has. This shows that customers are looking more and more these days for lower emissions and practical models when it comes to electric cars and Hybrid vehicles which could come in as great knowledge for other manufacturers who have entered the market or are about to. This is an impressive reward for such as beautifully designed vehicle.


Koenigsegg Regera revealed

Koenigsegg last week unveiled their brand new Regera luxury sports car from the Geneva Motor Show but with the sheer amount of stories incoming it is possible that this may be one you missed. The new model was revealed in Switzerland and when launched will be extremely limited to just eighty units only. Introduced as a convertible sports car, we see the new Koenigsegg Regera carrying some great features technology wise and power too. A V8 sized, five litre twin turbocharged engine is to be found inside of the car which will be paired up to a total of three electric motors therefore making this particular model a hybrid. Thanks to these new fittings it has been confirmed that this car is even more powerful than the brands 1 model. Inside of the car is also very special as demonstrated by the Brown leather stitching throughout the cabin. Seats, roof,door panels, steering wheel and dashboard are all leather. A chrome finish also surrounds the centre console with carbon fibre inserts across both sides which is then met in the middle by Apple's 'Carplay' system. Climate control and a built in sat nav system are just more features that add to the excitement of the new Regera.


Mercedes to bring back Black Series models

The head of Mercedes Benz Tobias Moers has commented on some big news regarding the brand in the future by stating that the Black Series name will return in the future on some of their brand new performance vehicles. We are still however quite some time away from the return with non planned for the moment but new models to emerge further down the line. The likes of the GT range and some C Class models are expected to be equipped with the returning name in the future but as for the time being, no confirmation has been given as to when we will see the name return or further models to carry the badge. As soon as we have more on this developing story we will let you know.