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Global Insurer Calls for Eye Test Awareness

The Global Insurance giant RSA has called for a campaign to increase in awareness of eye sight standards.

Where all know the dangers of drink driving, during while under the influence or drugs and even prescription medication but how often do you think about your eyes and vision?

In fact the insurance company has shown a major lack of minimum standards with a reported 90 % or road users unaware of what is needed when driving or riding a vehicle.

So is our UK driving test to blame?

Remember that during a standard UK test you will only be measured by your ability to read a single number plate.

This method of tests eyes was originally introduced in 1935. At the time there where less vehicles on the road and the average speed was considerably slower. Perhaps it was sufficient back in 1935 but in the UK today where are roads are busier than ever is it really enough? After all in todays modern age this can hardly be classed as a forensic way of testing whether the driver or rider has good vision or in fact vision which would not prove un safe when on our roads.

To compound the issue we are then not even prompted or asked about any deterioration in our eye sight until we are 70 years old.

In recent research two 66 % of those who took part agreed with this theory and that some sort of medical examination would be better.

After all impaired , blurred or poor sight can play just as much of a role in your ability to drive and ride safely as the road worthiness of your vehicle.

So is it time to over haul our driving tests with a more methodical, medical approach, why not let us know what you think?