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Driver crashes into Garage of House

A driver has had an amazing and unbelievable escape after his car came crashing into the garage of a house. The couple who lived in the house, which was on Gipsy Lane, in County Durham, were evacuated from the home after the crash, just before six o'clock Saturday 5th January. Neighbours of the couple were also evacuated due to fears for their safety due to fears that there could be a gas leak after the crash caused a gas leak to be damaged.

The County Durham Fire and Rescue service confirmed that neither the driver or the couple from the house were hurt during the crash, which is extremely lucky. Rob Turnbull, who is the Service district manager explained that the car crashed into the garage of the home, it was extremely lucky that the car crashed into this, rather than any other part of the house which could cause extreme damage. The driver was said to have had a truly miraculous and amazing escape from the unfortunate ordeal. The car was definitely a write off, however the driver managed to get himself out of the car, confirming that he was not hurt.

The road in which the crash happened was cordoned off for hours for safety reasons and so work could be taken place and the pipe was later on made safe so that people could return to their homes. The cause of the crash is currently being investigated by the Durham Police. Rob Turnbull said that weather conditions were extremely misty and wet, indicating that this could have been one of the reasons for the crash. He also took this opportunity to remind other motorists to adapt their driving to fit in with weather conditions and to be aware that the slightest little thing, especially when it comes to bad weather could cause an accident.