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Brabus take the Mercedes S 63 to the next level


We all know the rich and prestigious history that Mercedes Benz's S63 S Class addition has. What if more is added to the vehicle to make it look better inside and out? What if we told you more power could be offered for the car? How would you react to this news? Today, this is what we have for you, and it all comes to us courtesy of tuning company Brabus. 


Brabus are famous for working with Mercedes in the past, which included fine-tuning both E Class and A-Class models. Today though, the German company has announced that the S 63 is the next vehicle in line to receive the treatment, and the new model will be displayed for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, which starts next week. Today, however, we have all of the latest information available for this new model, including some of the significant changes brought forward to the car.   Mercedes Benz S Class Brabus


They brought a brand new power to the Brabus Mercedes S63.


So with that being said, how is the power for this brand new model looking now? The news has been confirmed by Brabus today that due to some fine-tuning done to the engine, we can now expect to find a total of 838 brake horsepower produced by the car and now, as the newly tuned motor can achieve a top speed limitation, 217 miles per hour. Brabus has also made this vehicle a four-wheel-drive model. We see that the engine still comes in the form of a V12 size, but only now do we know that the capacity has been upped, which means the car can now carry six litres of fuel.


It's not just the power that Brabus has focused on; however, we see that the firm has thrown in both interior cabin and exterior body design changes too. Golden 21 inch alloy wheels are one of the biggest attention grabbers. The spoiler is made from a carbon fibre material, plus the air intakes at the front end of the car have also been made much more extensive. These changes to the bodywork are hoped to help the S63 out when it comes to overall agility and more dynamic performance. Throw in an entire leather cabin and wood trimmings around the steering wheel and air conditioning vents, and we have a vehicle that looks just as great on the inside as it does on the outside.


A Geneva debut for the S63 from Brabus


Today, Brabus has revealed that this highly updated version of the car will display for the first time to the public at the Geneva Motor Show next week. A cost for the updated model is yet to be confirmed. The Jaguar XKR-S and the BMW M6 have proven to be solid competitors when it comes to taking on the S63 from Mercedes but given this healthy update in power and more agility. Could this be the change the S63 needed to finally put it ahead of its biggest competitors? 


We will have to wait and see. Geneva is just around the corner and it will be interesting to see what both the motoring press and the car buying public make of the new model.


Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.