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BMW M4 GTS-Detroit Electric in the UK-Lotus to produce a crossover

We all know Lotus for being one of Britain's finest sports car designers. Over the years we have seen them take the spotlight by offering some of the best sports vehicles like the Elise and the Evora range with the new Evora 400 model also going on display this week in Geneva. It is however known that the company in the past also suffered with a loss of sales for new cars due to the lack of technology and gadgets found in the vehicles. To combat this Lotus have included a whole host of gadgets in their new Evora 400 in order to gain more interest which they seem to be doing quite well at the moment. So with all of this being said, where will the brand be heading next?.


Well the head of Lotus has spoken on future plans for the company which could point towards to a new crossover car from the firm further on down the line. Jean Marc Gales has said that they would be willing to create a new SUV model in the future or a sports model but considering the interest in the SUV division right now,that is the more likely choice. There comes a point when much like anything in life, manufacturers need to keep up with the times and this has been demonstrated by Rolls Royce announcing the production of a new SUV recently and Bentley announcing the new Bentayga. So will Lotus be taking this direction in the future?.


Detroit Electric arrive in the United Kingdom

As the name of the brand may have hinted, Detroit Electric are an American car manufacturing company. They have been making a name for themselves over the past twelve months with the announcement of their new electric vehicle, the SP:01. Well today we can confirm that they are making an impact now in the UK by opening their first ever showroom here in Britain located in Leamington Spa. Just around the corner from this showroom is the plant were the brand produce vehicles. The brand have vehicles on display in their showroom but take technology in showrooms to the next level by having tablet screens which can allow the customer to create their own SP:01 model. Ultimately the main goal with this is to raise the profile of the company and sell as many SP:01 models as they can. This new model isn't on sale yet but will be shortly. A 37 Kwh battery paired with a single speed transmission system will see their next project hit 155 miles per hour on electric power travelling for 178 miles from a singular charge. This is the first showroom for Detroit Electric here in Britain and it could be the move that brings them more attention here in Britain for the future.


The BMW M4 to receive new updates in the future

Reports are now suggesting that BMW have begun work on their new M4 GTS model which will see the additions of some brand new equipment coming along to the range further on down the line. The brand revealed last week that the M4 will be used as the official safety car for this years season of the Moto GP world championship which begins at the end of this month. BMW have added brand new technology to the safety vehicle which allows for water to be sprayed into the chamber which then allows the car temperature to cool down a lot quicker than normal overall increasing the life and efficiency of the engine. Now though reports are coming in that say BMW are going to start using the same water injection system on M4 GTS models on the road. A new M4 GTS is in the works which receive some technical changes such as an stiffer suspension setup with new materials being used to shed some weight and make the car more powerful. No time-frame was issued for when we can expect to see the new car but we will be keeping an eye out for this model in the future.