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Which Gap Insurance is best for me and how do I know that I have picked the right one?


Gap insurance is just like any other insurance it is all about risk and how much of a risk you want to take. This means that if the thought of your car being written off and having to deal with any financial repercussions yourself does not phase you then you may not need to ever consider any form of gap insurance.


If however you prefer to know what if your car is written off that you have a policy in place to make sure that you are not left out of pocket then it gap insurance may be for you.

So which level of cover is best for you?

A lot will depend on the age of your car and importantly how you have paid for it.

For example, if you have purchased a car using a form of contract / lease hire gap insurance then as you will never have the legal right to take full ownership of your vehicle at the end of the contract the only level of cover available would be a form of finance gap.  We call his level of cover lease and contract hire gap insurance.  This simply means that if your car is written off then your gap insurance policy would pay the difference between your motor insurance companies market value settlement and the amount outstanding on your lease. The reason that we are ambiguous about this "amount” outstanding on your lease is that each lease company may call it something different. Please remember that any late payment charges and arrears would be deducted. *

If you have paid cash or a financial package which means that you can take ownership at the end of your contract it will depend on what you want to happen in the event of a claim. 

The good news is that both the levels of gap insurance we offer will protect the purchase price you paid for your car so there is no right or wrong choice to make. Instead, it is more a question of just how much protection you want. Combined return to invoice will top up your insurance companies’ settlement back to the invoice price you paid. From this you can clear any finance and the balance of funds is yours to spend as you see fit.  So, in simple terms you are protecting against any depreciation. 

Vehicle replacement gap insurance takes the protection a stage further in so much as it not only protects the invoice price you paid but also any difference in appreciation of the replacement. This means that it would top you up insurance companies’ settlement back to the higher of either the invoice price you paid or the replacement cost of another vehicle the same as yours was the first day you drove it home. As this level of gap insurance is potentially giving you a higher settlement, it is a higher risk to the underwriters. Therefore, the premium will normally be slightly higher.

Again, we stress the is no right or wrong answer instead it is a question of what is important to you.

So which level of gap insurance is best for you?

Simply click and subject to eligibility our system will highlight levels of cover for you to consider, as while we can point out the advantages of a policy and even discuss what policies may differ this ultimately is a choice for you.

* For a full list of terms and conditions please see your policy documents these can be found above the price you have been offered and from the main menu under the section Important information.