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Looking for Gap Insurance for your Audi?


Are you buying an Audi and considering Gap Insurance to protect your purchase? Unsure which type of Gap Insurance is best suited for you? Here we explain what options are available from


A bit about Audi


Audi is one of the world's largest car brands and was founded in 1909 by August Horch. Audi primarily manufactures luxury vehicles and is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG.


The headquarters of AUDI AG is located in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Audi-branded cars are produced in nine production facilities worldwide.


The Audi company name comes from August Horch's surname (he switched name to Audi, meaning "hark!" in Latin, after he had been forced out of his original company and later started another one). The first Audi was built by Audi GmbH at Audi Zwickau.


Today Audi is well known for their performance models, with the R8 being their most famous sports car to date.


Audi mainly specialises in luxury cars, although they also make successful SUV crossovers. The main market for Audi cars is in the American and European markets, along with China.


Gap Insurance for Audi from GapInsurance123   Which Gap Insurance?


The type of Gap Insurance you may want to look at will depend greatly on how you are securing your Audi.


Guaranteed Asset Protection policies can differ from one provider (or underwriter) to the next.


Here we explain what types of Gap cover you can get from GapInsurance123 currently for your Audi.


Audi on a lease


Lease and Contract Hire Gap Insurance


Available for vehicles taken on a rental lease, with no option to own the vehicle as an option of the lease.


If you have taken a contract hire or lease agreement, where you have a fixed-term rental agreement with no option to own, then a Lease and Contract Hire Gap Insurance is the correct level of cover.


Lease and Contract Hire Gap is designed to cover the difference between your motor insurers' settlement, if your Audi is written off, and the outstanding settlement required to pay off the lease in full.


Audi on PCP, HP, or outright cash purchase


There are a couple of options available depending on how old the Audi is at the time you buy it.


Combined Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance


Available for new cars only, where you are the first registered keeper for the Audi.


This Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance policy option will provide gap insurance cover to protect you where the cost of replacing your Audi is more than the amount obtained from your motor insurer AND more than the original price you paid for the Audi.


Combined Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance can cover you between your motor insurers settlement, at point of loss, and the HIGHER of:

  • the outstanding finance settlement (if there is one)
  • the original invoice price you paid
  • the cost of the equivalent replacement vehicle at the time of claim


Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance


Available for new and used cars, up to 10 years old and 100,000 miles at the time of policy purchase.


Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance can cover you, in the event of a total loss, between the motor insurers settlement and the HIGHER of:

  • the outstanding finance settlement (if there is one)
  • the original invoice price you paid



Excluded Audi cars from GapInsurance123 cover*  Gap Insurance for Audi


As with many insurance products, our underwriters do view some vehicles, or vehicle uses, as too high a risk to provide standard cover for. Therefore there are several Audi models, and vehicle uses, that they excluded from cover. There are:

  • Any Audi RS models
  • Any Audi R8 models


Any Audi used for:

  • taxi, private hire, delivery, or chauffeur work
  • driving school tuition
  • emergency services


If you have a vehicle that GapInsurance123 cannot cover then do not despair. GapInsurance123 is one of a number of brands operated by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Our company is one of the few Gap Insurance brokers in the UK with access to more than one insurer's products.


Give our team a ring on 0800 195 4926 or 0151 647 7556 and we can advise of any alternative options we may have.


*Please note, this provides some examples of excluded vehicles, please check the full policy terms and conditions for a comprehensive list.


NB - GapInsurance123 is an independent Gap Insurance brand that is in no way connected to franchised Audi motor dealerships. If you are comparing a Gap Insurance policy from your Audi dealer then it may be quite different from the one that GapInsurance123 can provide. The differences may include policy terms and conditions. There may also be s significant difference in the premium price. For the reasons why there is such a difference in price then you may want to look at reports from the likes of Which? and MoneysavingExpert on the matter.