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GAP Insurance calculator - Get an online quote in less than 45 seconds


If you are looking for GAP Insurance protection, then you will, no doubt, be looking to compare GAP Insurance policies against each other, see what the differences are in the products and, ultimately, the premium price.


So what information are you going to need in order to get a GAP Insurance quote?          Gap Insurance calculator


Well, this very much depends on where you are looking to get a quote from.


If you are looking to get a quote from a comparison website, like MoneySuperMarket or Compare the Market then generally, you will be asked to enter quite a bit of personal data before you can get to any GAP Insurance quote calculator.


However, when you get a quote from GAPInsurance123 then we don't ask for any personal information upfront. Instead, we ask a series of eligibility questions first. This way, we think you will only be shown GAP Insurance products that you qualify for.


Without such eligibility questions being asked first, then you could be sorely disappointed when you read the terms and conditions, or even worse when you try to make a claim and it is declined.


What questions does GAPInsurance123 ask before you can get a quote?


Currently, we will ask you to confirm:

  • all drivers for the vehicle will be over 18

  • the vehicle purchase price (or value for a lease)

  • where you have bought the vehicle (motor dealer, privately, auction etc)

  • the type of vehicle you want to get a GAP Insurance quote for (car, van, motorbike etc)

  • what you using the vehicle for (social, domestic & pleasure, private hire taxi, chauffeur etc)

  • the age of the vehicle you want GAP Insurance for

  • the current mileage on the vehicle

  • when you took, or expect collection/delivery of the vehicle

  • how you purchased or leased the vehicle


There may be some additional questions asked, depending on your answers to the queries above. However, the nine questions above are provided with drop-down options for you to choose from.


We expect this part of the process should take you around 45 seconds.


GAP Insurance quote calculator


Once you have answered the qualifying questions then, you will come to a GAP Insurance quote page.


Here you will see the types of GAP Insurance and options available to you.


You may be offered one or more GAP Insurance cover types.


What you will need to generate a GAP Insurance quote on the calculator


Here we list what you will need to provide, or enter, in order to get a quote for each type of GAP Insurance policy we provide.


Return to invoice GAP Insurance

  • Your vehicle purchase price - this is the 'cash price' amount shown on your purchase invoice. The price you originally paid, after any discounts have been deducted. This is NOT the total amount payable, as shown on your finance agreement. Nor is it the outstanding finance balance, either.

  • The period of cover you require - this is the length of GAP Insurance coverage you require. This can be between 1 and 5 years, depending on your GAP Insurance provider. With GAPInsurance123 this is currently a maximum of 4 years.


Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance

  • Your vehicle purchase price - again, this is the figure your originally paid for the vehicle. Many think with vehicle replacement policies you should provide the current manufacturers' list price for the vehicle or current market value. This is not normally the case. Vehicle replacement GAP Insurance covers to the future replacement vehicle cost. You do not know what this is currently. This replacement vehicle cost can only be determined when you make a claim.

  • The period of cover you require - again, this is the length of Gap cover you want. Remember also that this is the maximum term you can be covered on the vehicle. You cannot normally extend or get a new Gap policy of the same type when your policy expires.


Lease GAP Insurance or Contract hire GAP Insurance                    Gap Insurance quote


Purchasing GAP Insurance for a lease or contract hire vehicle is a little different to when you buy GAP Insurance for a vehicle you can buy. With Contract Hire vehicles you do not have the option to own the vehicle as part of the finance agreement. The only liability is to bridge any shortfall between the motor insurer's settlement and the remaining finance settlement for the outstanding balance on the lease.


Also, you may make an initial rental payment on the lease, which is normally a multiple of your monthly rentals. Some Contract Hire GAP Insurance policies can provide you with further 'Deposit Protection' to cover some or all of this figure as an optional add-on.


What you must provide to get a Lease GAP Insurance quote can differ between providers. However, it can include:

  • the monthly rental payment - this is your standard monthly rental on the lease.

  • the period of cover you require - this would simply be the length you have your lease for. Most contract hire leases are kept to the expiry.

  • your advanced rental payment - some GAP Insurance providers will let you cover your advanced rental so you can claim this back separately if the motor insurer should write off the car.


There are other types of GAP Insurance that may require different information to get a quote through the calculator.


Agreed Value GAP Insurance


Also known as Return to Value GAP Insurance, this type of cover can protect the policyholder between the current market value of your car when you take out the policy and the motor insurance settlement at the time the car is written off or stolen.


A recognised valuation service like Glass' Guide determines the current market value.


This type of GAP Insurance can provide cover if you have owned your vehicle too long to qualify for RTI or VRI GAP Insurance or if you have purchased your car from a private seller.


To get a quote for Agreed Value GAP Insurance, you will need the:

  • The vehicle's current market value - check which valuation service the Gap insurer will use.

  • The period of cover you require - important to remember that you lock in the value of the vehicle you are protecting when you buy the policy. You cannot renew or extend to cover the same vehicle value at the expiry. Therefore to maintain cover at the same value for three years, say, you must buy a three-year policy, to begin with rather than get a one-year policy every year for three years.


Finance GAP Insurance


Finance gap is one of the less common types of GAP Insurance policy these days. This is because it may only benefit a limited number of potential customers. Finance gap covers the difference between the motor insurers' settlement if the vehicle is declared a total loss and the outstanding finance settlement required by the finance company to pay off the loan.


This may not benefit everyone because you have to be in a position where you owe more on the finance agreement than the vehicle is worth. This cannot be guaranteed, and even when it does, happy, or by how much.


In order to get a quote for Finance GAP Insurance, you may need:                    Gap Insurance quote calculator

  • Your vehicle purchase price

  • The length of your finance agreement

  • The period you require for cover


It is worth noting that standard finance GAP Insurance does cover 'negative equity' created on the current finance agreement. If negative equity is carried over from a previous finance agreement, this is not normally covered. You may need a more specialist negative equity GAP Insurance in this case.


Top Up Total Loss GAP Insurance


This type of GAP Insurance is very straightforward. If you feel that you need GAP Insurance but you do not qualify for any of the traditional types of coverage, then Top Up Gap could be the answer.


Instead of looking at the original value of the vehicle, its replacement cost or any finance settlement, Top Up GAP Insurance takes a more simple approach.


Top Up Total Loss Gap will add a percentage to the market value settlement you get from your motor insurance company. There can be a cap to this additional payout also.


For example, a Top Up Total Loss GAP Insurance policy from our sister website at can pay 25% on top of your motor insurers' settlement to a maximum settlement of £10,000.


So for this type of GAP Insurance, you may need:

  • the approximate current market value of your vehicle

  • the period of cover you require - although this may be fixed as one year only




Compare GAP Insurance cover


GAP Insurance, also known as Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance, covers an element of depreciation of your vehicle. It's especially useful when a vehicle is written off or stolen since it will help you financially without you having to use your own funds to get your next car.


Comparing GAP Insurance cover is essential to ensure you're getting the best deal for your money. Here are some tips to consider:     Gap Insurance 123


- Check what type of GAP Insurance coverage you need based on the value of your car and the amount of its loan repayment. Consider how GAP Insurance work in your particular case, perhaps even before you look at the GAP Insurance cost.


- Compare policies from different providers - look at their prices, features and reviews from past customers.


- Ensure you understand any specific terms and conditions associated with each policy before making a purchase decision. Check the GAP Insurance exclusions also.


GAP Insurance Calculator and Quote


So we hope this helps you understand what kind of information you will need to provide to use our GAP Insurance Quote Calculator. If we can help any further, please get in touch.