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GAP Insurance for Porsche: The Ultimate Protection for Your Luxury Ride


Porsche, a name that resonates with luxury, speed, and precision engineering, is a beacon of German automotive excellence. With a lineage that spans decades, Porsche has consistently delivered vehicles that are not just modes of transportation but a statement of style and performance.


But owning such an automotive masterpiece comes at a significant cost. Repair costs can be expensive. Porsche can also become the target for car theft.


This is why GAP Insurance to protect your Porsche can provide important peace of mind. GAPInsurance123 can provide a range of options as a specialist broker. You should also see a significant saving compared to the Porsche GAP Insurance quote offered at your motor dealer.



The Porsche Legacy


The story of Porsche is one of ambition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded by Ferdinand Porsche, the brand has always been at the forefront of automotive engineering.


Over the years, Porsche has introduced a plethora of models, each carrying a unique charm and a testament to engineering prowess. The 911, for instance, has undergone numerous transformations over its six-decade existence but has always retained its iconic status.


On the other hand, the Boxster and Cayman brought the Porsche experience to a broader audience, offering a blend of performance and affordability.


But Porsche's journey isn't just about creating luxury vehicles. It's about setting standards, pushing boundaries, and crafting machines that are as much a joy to look at as they are to drive.


The brand's commitment to innovation is evident in its ventures into electric vehicles, with the Taycan leading the charge as a testament to Porsche's vision for the future.


Current Porsche Model Line-Up


Porsche's current line up is a blend of its rich heritage and a glimpse into the future:


Porsche 911: The quintessential sports car, the 911 is the perfect blend of performance, luxury, and timeless design. Available in various trims, from the Carrera to the Turbo S, it caters to a wide range of enthusiasts.


Porsche Taycan: Representing Porsche's foray into the electric vehicle segment, the Taycan is a high-performance electric sedan that carries the brand's legacy into the future.


Porsche Panamera: A luxury sedan that doesn't compromise on performance. The Panamera offers the comfort of a sedan with the heart of a sports car.


Porsche Macan & Cayenne: These SUVs bring the Porsche experience to those who seek versatility without compromising on performance or luxury.


Porsche 718 (Boxster & Cayman): These mid-engine sports cars offer a more accessible entry point to the Porsche world, delivering exhilarating performance in a compact package.


Porsche 918 Spyder: A hybrid supercar that showcases Porsche's commitment to innovation, blending incredible performance with efficiency.


Each model carries the Porsche DNA, ensuring that regardless of the choice, owners are in for an unparalleled driving experience.  Porsche GAP Insurance from GAPInsurance123


Why GAP Insurance for Your Porsche is Important


Owning a Porsche is a significant investment. Walking into a Porsche showroom will see you greeted with a minimum of £51,800 for the basic, new Porsche 718 Cayman. If your pocket will stretch, then £231,600 will buy you the top-of-the-range Porsche 911 S/T.


There is nothing 'budget' about buying a new Porsche.


These vehicles, with their blend of luxury and performance, come with a price tag that reflects their stature. However, like all assets, cars depreciate over time.


If the Porsche is stolen or written off, then standard car insurance policies, while essential, only cover the current market value of the vehicle. This can be significantly lower than the purchase price, especially for luxury vehicles like Porsche.


Consider this: You've just driven your brand-new Porsche 911 out of the dealership. Its sleek lines, advanced tech, and powerful electric motors make it a marvel of modern engineering.


But just a year down the line, an unfortunate incident leads to significant damage, and the car is declared a total loss. Your insurance company evaluates the current market value, accounting for depreciation, and offers a payout. This amount, however, is nowhere close to what you initially paid.


This gap, often amounting to thousands of pounds, is where GAP Insurance comes into play.


GAP Insurance ensures that in the event of a total loss, you're not left bearing the financial brunt of depreciation. Instead, you receive an amount that covers the difference between the insurance pay out and the replacement cost, original purchase price or the outstanding finance amount.


GAP Insurance Options for Porsche Owners


1. Return to Invoice GAP Insurance: Designed to cover you between the motor insurer settlement, at the point of loss, and the original invoice price you paid.

Imagine buying your Porsche 718 Cayman for £52,000. A couple of years later, an unfortunate event leads to a total loss. Your insurance company, considering the depreciation, offers you £38,000. That's a difference of £14,000!

Return to Invoice GAP covers this difference, ensuring you get the full amount you initially paid.

If you are buying your Porsche via a PCP, HP or cash, then this is the most likely style of Porsche GAP Insurance you will be offered at the motor dealer.


2. Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance: to cover between the motor insurers' market value settlement and the cost of an equivalent replacement Porsche. If you bought your Porsche as a brand new car, the replacement will be the equivalent brand new model.

If the Porsche you buy is a 2 year old, 20,000 mile example, then the replacement cost will be calculated against the equivalent 2 year old, 20,000 mile Porsche at the time you make a claim.

The advantage of a Vehicle Replacement GAP from GAPInsurance123 is that it provides a 3-in-1 cover. In the event of a claim it will cover you to the highest of the finance settlement (should there be one), the original purchase price you paid or the cost of the equivalent replacement vehicle.

Vehicle Replacement GAP is considered the top level of GAP Insurance. Why? Car prices fluctuate. If the price of the specific Porsche model you own has increased since your purchase, this policy covers the cost difference between the insurance pay out and the increased cost of a replacement.


3. Lease GAP: For those who've opted to lease their Porsche via a Contract Hire agreement, this policy can be perfect. Lease & Contract Hire GAP covers the difference between the insurance pay out and the lease settlement. This can cover the remaining lease payments, ensuring you're not burdened with outstanding dues.

There is an optional additional cover for the advanced rental payment you make at the start of your lease. This is the deposit if you like. Optional Deposit Protection cover allows you to claim back the advanced rental payment, up to £3,000. This means you can use this for a deposit on your replacement vehicle.


4. Agreed Value GAP: Especially beneficial for used Porsche vehicles that are bought privately or from an auction. Agreed Value GAP Insurance cover pays the difference between the insurance pay out and the Glass’s Guide retail value at the time of the policy purchase.

Most GAP Insurance products require that the vehicle is secured through a VAT-registered motor dealer or leasing company. That is not the case when you buy a car from a private seller or through an auction.   Porsche GAP Insurance quote


Why Choose GAPInsurance123 for Your Porsche?


Experience: GAP Insurance is what we do. It's in our name, after all! GAPInsurance123 has been providing GAP Insurance products since 2011. Tens of thousands of customers have used GAPInsurance123 to protect them if they see their car stolen or written off following an accident, fire or flood. There will not be many providers around who can boast the experience in the field that GAPInsurance123 have.


Choice of cover: GAPInsurance123 provides a range of products that can suit many a Porsche owner. Whether you have a 'retail' finance agreement, such as PCP or HP, or a lease agreement or a cash purchase, we have something to protect that investment.

We can go further, too. If you have a new car replacement cover with your motor insurer, we can provide you with deferred start date options to ensure you are not potentially double-covered.


Flexible Payment Plans: We have options for you to pay your premium via PayPal 'Pay in 3' or an interest-bearing premium credit agreement over a number of months.


Additional cover: We can provide a range of additional insurance products for your Porsche, including Tyre, Alloy Wheel, Cosmetic Repair Insurance and Motor Excess Insurance.




1. Is GAP Insurance necessary for my Porsche?

You do not have to buy GAP Insurance for your Porsche. However, if you have ever had a car written off or stolen, then you may well remember it can leave a sizeable financial hole in your funds.

Given the investment involved in owning a Porsche, GAP Insurance is a sensible consideration. It ensures you're protected against financial losses due to depreciation.


2. Can I buy GAP Insurance for my pre-owned Porsche?

Absolutely! If you buy an approved used Porsche from a dealer, then a Return to Invoice GAP Insurance could be the perfect choice. If you are looking to buy a used Porsche privately or from an auction, then our Agreed Value GAP is designed keeping used vehicles in mind. It ensures they're protected based on their retail value at the time of policy purchase.


3. Do I have to buy GAP Insurance from the motor dealership?    GAP Insurance for Porsche

You can. Buying GAP Insurance from the dealer you buy the car from can be easy and convenient. It can also be expensive. You will generally be able to save quite a sum of money if you buy an equivalent GAP cover from an independent specialist like GAPInsurance123.


4. When is the ideal time to buy GAP Insurance?

Different GAP Insurance products have different windows of opportunity to buy a policy. For example, the Return to Invoice cover from GAP123 is available within 180 days of the vehicle purchase. This is the same with Vehicle Replacement GAP and Lease and Contract Hire GAP Insurance.

Agreed Value GAP is based on Glass's Guide retail value when you buy the policy. The longer you leave it, then more there is a fair chance the value will drop.


Key Takeaways

  • Porsche, a brand synonymous with luxury and performance, is an aspirational brand where all models carry a significant price tag.
  • Porsche cars are not immune to depreciation, like all vehicles. They are also relatively expensive to repair and can be a target for theft.
  • GAP Insurance can provide a top-up to the motor insurers' market value settlement if the vehicle is stolen or written off.
  • You do not have to take up the Porsche GAP Insurance quote provided by the motor dealer. You can compare the options provided by other sources, like GAPInsurance123. You can then decide whether you want GAP Insurance at all, or if you do, where to buy cover from.


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Please note: GAP Insurance products from GAPInsurance123 are not officially endorsed by Porsche and are unavailable from Porsche showrooms. Any GAPInsurance123 branded product can only be purchased from the official website.


Published 19/8/23, written by Mark Griffiths