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GAP Insurance Options for Renault: A Comprehensive Guide


If you are in the process of buying a car or light commercial vehicle from the Renault range of vehicles, then you may have been offered GAP Insurance. There are a range of ways to secure your next Renault, whether it be a lease, a cash buy, through a personal or bank loan or through dealer finance. All will have options for GAP Insurance protection to ensure you are covered.


Here we provide you with your options and how they can protect you in the event of a total loss.


Renault GAP Insurance options help



Renault's Current Model Range in the UK



Renault's commitment to excellence is evident in its diverse range of vehicles tailored for the UK market:


- ZOE E-Tech 100% electric: Beyond being just an electric vehicle, the ZOE represents Renault's vision for the future. Priced from £29,995, it's not just a car but a statement on sustainability. Its sleek design, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures that you're not only driving an eco-friendly vehicle but also enjoying every bit of it.


- New CLIO E-Tech full hybrid: The CLIO, starting from £21,295, is a perfect blend of style and efficiency. Its hybrid technology ensures that you get the best of both worlds - performance and sustainability. The CLIO is not just a car; it's an experience waiting to be had.


- All New MEGANE E-Tech 100% electric: Priced from £36,995, the MEGANE is a powerhouse on wheels. Its electric nature doesn't compromise performance, ensuring that you get the thrill of driving along with the satisfaction of being eco-friendly.


- CAPTUR: The CAPTUR, available from £22,495, is for those who refuse to be boxed into categories. It's versatile, stylish, and powerful. Whether you're navigating city traffic or exploring the countryside, the CAPTUR is your perfect companion.


- New ARKANA E-Tech full hybrid: The ARKANA, starting from £26,995, is where elegance meets power. Its design is a head-turner, and its performance is unparalleled. The ARKANA promises a driving experience like no other.


- All New AUSTRAL E-TECH FULL HYBRID: Priced at £34,695, the AUSTRAL is a testament to Renault's commitment to innovation. Its hybrid technology ensures that you get unmatched performance without compromising on the environment.


- TRAFIC PASSENGER: The TRAFIC, available from £47,755, is the perfect vehicle for those who prioritise space without compromising on style. It's spacious, stylish, and a joy to drive.


Why GAP Insurance for Your Renault is worth considering


Cars lose value due to the impact of depreciation over time. Renault cars are no different. This is the simple reality of owning a car for the vast majority of people.  Renault GAP Insurance


Have you considered where that may leave you if the car is written off or stolen?


Your standard motor insurance policy, while essential, might not offer complete protection against such financial losses. It typically covers the current market value of the vehicle, which, given the depreciation, can be much lower than the original purchase price or the amount you owe on a finance agreement.


This is where GAP Insurance steps in.


GAP Insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, can top up the motor insurance settlement should the worst happen and the car is written off.


It ensures that in the event of theft or total loss of your Renault, you're not left grappling with financial burdens.


GAP Insurance Options for Renault Owners


When it comes to protecting your Renault, one size doesn't fit all. Different Renault owners have different needs, and hence, there are various GAP insurance options to choose from:


1. Return to Invoice GAP Insurance: This is the most common type of Renault GAP Insurance quote you will get at the franchised dealer. This is the type of GAP Insurance policy that can cover you between the motor insurance payout and the original invoice price you paid.


Imagine buying your dream Renault, and within a few months, it gets stolen. The insurance payout, based on the car's current market value, might be significantly less than what you originally paid. This Return to Invoice GAP insurance covers that difference, ensuring that you get back every penny of your original investment.


2. Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance: Cars, like any other significant investment, are subject to price fluctuations. The Renault model you bought might see a price hike due to various reasons. In such cases, Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance cover ensures that you get a replacement Renault equivalent to the one you lost, even if its price has gone up.


3. Lease & Contract Hire GAP Insurance: Leasing a Renault on a contract hire agreement is a popular option for many. However, in the event of theft or total loss, you might find a shortfall between the motor insurer settlement and the outstanding balance on your lease agreement.


GAPInsurance123 also provides optional 'deposit protection', which allows you to claim back your advance rental payment that you initially paid the finance company.


Where to buy a Renault GAP Insurance policy


The manufacturer-endorsed Renault GAP Insurance is only available in official Renault franchised dealers. However, what Renault GAP Insurance covers may be similar to what you can find with independent GAP Insurance providers like GAPInsurance123.


You may also find that the Renault GAP Insurance cost in the motor dealer is far more expensive than you will find online.    Renault GAP Insurance quote


The final difference you may find is the choice of GAP Insurance products you will find with a specialist broker like GAPInsurance123. You may find only one, or perhaps two, levels of GAP Insurance policy available at a motor dealer. At GAPInsurance123, we currently offer six different types of GAP Insurance for your Renault.


Key Takeaways

  • Renault's diverse range caters to a wide audience, ensuring there's a Renault for everyone.
  • While Renault promises performance and style, the models can depreciate in value. Any Renault can also be written off or stolen following an accident, fire, flood or theft.
  • GAP insurance ensures financial protection if the vehicle is declared a total loss. You can buy Renault GAP Insurance from the dealer, but you can also buy GAP cover from an independent provider like GAPInsurance123.
  • Different GAP insurance options cater to various needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage.




Why is GAP Insurance cover important for my Renault?


Given the significant investment involved in owning a Renault, GAP Insurance offers a safety net against potential financial losses due to depreciation or unforeseen events.


A comprehensive motor insurance policy may only provide a market value settlement in the case of a total loss. This may not be enough to clear any outstanding finance settlement figure or replace the vehicle.


GAP Insurance can provide an additional top-up to help you with this.


How does a GAP Insurance claim work?


Any GAP Insurance claim is triggered by your motor insurer declaring the Renault a total loss after it is written off or stolen. The motor insurer will then provide a market value settlement for your car in compensation for the loss of your vehicle.  Renault GAP Insurance options


If you have GAP Insurance, then you can now make a claim on this cover. Your GAP Insurance can provide a top-up to the motor insurer settlement. This could be, depending on which type of cover you have, to pay a shortfall on a lease settlement back to the invoice price you paid or to the replacement cost.


How does GAP Insurance work if my Renault is stolen?


GAP Insurance can cover you in the event of a theft as long as your main motor insurer writes off the vehicle and pays out the market value.


Once your car is declared a total loss by your motor insurer, they will make you an offer. Before you accept this offer, please lodge your GAP Insurance claim with our claims team. They will advise you from there.


When should I consider purchasing GAP Insurance for my Renault?


The sooner, the better. It's advisable to get GAP Insurance soon after buying your Renault to ensure comprehensive protection from the start. This provides you with immediate cover, and most GAP products require you to have them in place within a period from the vehicle purchase.


Is GAP Insurance just for new Renault cars?


It is a common misconception that GAP Insurance is just for a new car. New cars are more expensive, so your financial exposure could be greater perhaps. However, even on a used car purchase, the value of the vehicle can still be substantial.


Used cars still depreciate in value over time. Many used cars are taken on a finance agreement of some kind (HP, PCP or personal loan), and this can leave a financial burden if the vehicle is written off or stolen.


Return to Invoice GAP Insurance can be a popular choice for used car purchases. This covers you back to the original invoice price paid for the vehicle. So whether you want to protect your cash purchase or ensure you have enough to pay off any finance that may be left, this can help provide that solution.


So whether you are buying a brand new Renault Captur or a used Renault Clio as your first car, GAP Insurance for your purchase can be a wise choice.


Please note that GAPInsurance123 products are not available in Renault car showrooms. For details on the manufacturer's endorsed Renault GAP Insurance, please contact your franchise dealer.


Published 24/8/23, written by Mark Griffiths