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UK Based Claims & Customer Service

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Upto 75% cheaper than competitors

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Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

December 8, 2012
A beautiful White fluffy poodle-bichon cross dog has quite literally been on the ride of her life after she travelled 11 horrifying miles whilst being trapped in the front grill of a Toyota Camry. Her journey was from Taunton Massechusetts, to East Providence Rhode Island. The Animal control supervisor of East Providence, William Muggle explained that the Toyota had been travelling at around 50mph. The driver of the vehicle had explained that he had seen a ...Read more
December 5, 2012
The Barrett-Jackson auction is almost ready to take place in Scottsdale from January 13th-20th 2013. The Barrett-Jackson auction aswell as all of the classic masterpieces you would expect to see at a car auction, only three months ago was the home of an exciting little van that used to be the forefront of many a cluedo style mystery, of course I am talking about the mystery machine. None other than the run around that use...Read more
December 5, 2012
The Chancellor George Osborne has recently announced within his Autumn statement that the planned 3p per litre fuel duty rise has been scrapped. He announced the change of plans in a speech stating that the U turn would be a “real help” for families and businesses at such a difficult time of year. "The tax take from fuel duty is pretty healthy and would be even better were it not for record fuel prices," he said. Read more
December 4, 2012
The morning after drink-driving campaign arranged by the police, will this Christmas target the morning after drink driving offenders. Officers have been briefed up and down the country with the main focus of stopping drivers who may still be over the limit the morning after a festive evening of alcohol consumption. Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport said: “Drivers need to be aware that regardless of the time of day they are ca...Read more
December 3, 2012
There is no joking when it comes to speeding in Switzerland, the country is cracking down on penalties that will be issued out to speedy's all around. The penalties could include anything from a large fine to automatic jail time. I know which one I would choose. So forget your average speeding ticket through the door, or a few points on your licence. The Swiss are determined to ensure that if you are caught speeding, you will be doing hard time. So is it fair? How can you fathom where the punishment ends, If someone is speeding down the motorway at 200 mph or if someone has ...Read more
December 3, 2012
Insurance giant Aviva have launched a brand new driver app, available for use on smart phones. The app will measure a drivers style and ability, including how they accelerate, brake and corner, and provide an overall scored grading for the user. It is then planned to offer the motorist up to 20% additional discount on their motor insurance premium based on their individual results. The app has also been developed to provide the driver with hints, share results and award badges via social media. Read more
November 28, 2012
The much loved German Automobile manufacturer Volkswagen have exclaimed that they are issuing 50.2 Billion Euros in an investment, until 2015 a Statement released last Friday revealed. Volkswagen's supervisory board authorized the investment funding plans, which included funds for factories, vehicles and research and development. A further 9.8 Billion Euros worth of Investment funds will be acquired from the German Giants joint venture with China, which are not combined. Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen's chief executive explained las...Read more
November 23, 2012
Victims of Superstorm sandy come together Victims of the Superstorm Sandy, residents of Long Beach New York have lost homes, cars and many other personal possessions due to the horrific weather conditions. Now, the community is coming together to get volume discounts on replacements for the cars that they have lost in the storm. Patrick Quinn, who is a 36 year old original native of Long Island came up with the idea, whilst during the storm he set up a Facebook page from his home in California On the page he shared other pages from google to help around 12,000 Long Beach Residen...Read more
November 16, 2012
BBC Newsreaders in Top Gear style “Star in reasonably priced car challenge” for Children in Need Fiona Bruce, Bill Turnbull and Sophie Raworth are taking part in a Top Gear style race, in a reasonable priced car, the Kia Cee'd, a compact family hatachback for Children in Need this year. A swift change from the Strictly come Dancing task some of the newsreaders were involved in last year. With an ambulance on hand incase of injury, there are far more frightening things on the racetrack this year than Craig Revel Horwood. T...Read more
November 16, 2012
Tinsletown has arrived back at Gap Towers, the home of Aequitas Automotive, and it is as if they have never been away! Less than two months ago Pinewood Studios used the area to film scenes for the upcoming episode of the Patriot Games series, starring Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner. The latest Hollywood crew to use the famous Wirral backdrop are recording footage for the new Fast and Furious film, starring Paul Walker. The off...Read more
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