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Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

December 19, 2012 recently posed a similar question to viewers back in November, and have now drew up a shortlist of what they believe are the best car adverts of all time according to their website viewers.   They drew up a list of 20 classic ads which included the unmistakable Renault Clio Papa and Nicole series along with the dancing Citroen C4 transformer.   Read more
December 18, 2012
Aston Martin Reveal Centenary Plans!   Aston Martin celebrate their centenary birthday in the new year, as they look to celebrate the event on the official birthday of the company which is January 15th . They plan to celebrate the occasion by lining up the oldest model of Aston Martin in the A3 and the newest in the centenary version of the Vanquish. &nb...Read more
December 17, 2012
According to the motor insurers “millions of negligent motorists” are risking their own and other peoples lives on the road by failing to maintain a standard of care in terms of looking after their cars. A freedom of information on MOT data, indicated that failures of MOT increased in the years 2009 to 2011. More than a third of those failures were believed to be down to problems that coul...Read more
December 17, 2012
The paper tax disc is closing in on its centenary birthday after being established over 90 years ago, but recent advances in technology mean that the Police no longer need or rely on the existence of the paper tax disc. The Government are currently on a scrapping roll after recently announcing the cut of fuel increases in the new year and are now cons...Read more
December 14, 2012
Fiat Panda 4x4? Yes, Fiat are releasing a new 4x4 Panda model. The new model is set to go on sale next month and is set to cost somewhere in the region of £13,95.   The traditional 4x4 are known for being big road dominating vehicles that use up as much fuel as they can. However, Fiat aims to change the idea of the traditional 4x4 by releasing the new Panda 4x4. Fiat, have st...Read more
December 14, 2012
Euro Ncap have re-tested some of Europe's top selling vans and MPV's using new tests that they claim are more realistic. Following the results Euro Cap are challenging the manufactures to increase safety levels and even for the controlling bodies to re-view legislation. Read more
December 12, 2012
With Christmas vastly approaching, drivers of the U.K are once again getting familiar to seeing frost on their windscreens. But what do you use to clear the frost from your windscreen?   There are many things people are using as a makeshift ice scraper, from alcohol to credit cards. Research that has recently been carried out by Autoglym, questioned motorists on how they remove frost from their windscreen. A massive 15% of drivers adm...Read more
December 11, 2012
With a brand new look and some exciting features of technology that are said to be becoming the norm for all of Ford's newer models, the Ford Fiesta is only getting better. The engine is really the star of the vehicle being ecoboost, although the diesel unit, which does make noises from beneath the bonnet, delivers excellently aswell. There are seven different options of engine to choose from when the brand new Fiesta lands in Showrooms January. Whe...Read more
December 8, 2012
A Massachusetts woman who crashed her car into the rear of a parked up police vehicle has exclaimed that the calamitous collision was the result of none other than an uncontrollable sneezing fit. The local police released a statement saying that the police car had pulled over to aid another driver who had been the victim of a burst tire. The woman then appeared to have crashed straight into the back of the police car whilst it sat waiting along the highway.   The woman had explained to the police that she had unfortunately failed to keep control of her vehicle due to the fac...Read more
December 8, 2012
A beautiful White fluffy poodle-bichon cross dog has quite literally been on the ride of her life after she travelled 11 horrifying miles whilst being trapped in the front grill of a Toyota Camry. Her journey was from Taunton Massechusetts, to East Providence Rhode Island. The Animal control supervisor of East Providence, William Muggle explained that the Toyota had been travelling at around 50mph. The driver of the vehicle had explained that he had seen a ...Read more
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