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The BBC recently broadcast a Panorama investigation into exactly what happens to the motor industries old and used tyres.

The Panorama program aired on Monday the 16th of July 2012 vividly showed pictures of massive amounts of our old and worn tyres being illegally dumped by un ethical recyclers.

The motor industry has strict codes of practice and the Tyre Recovery Association's Responsible Recycler Scheme has an integral part to play ensuring that our tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

A spokes person from the association said “This latest investigation perfectly illustrates why such a scheme is necessary. It also shows the scale of devastation and criminality that results from those intent on operating outside of the law.”

So big an issue is the disposal of tyres within the UK today?

Did you know that the UK current makes over 55 million tyres used tyres which need environmentally disposing of each year.

Of the 55 million a little over 80% are disposed of using the scheme over 80 % of all Tyre Recover Associations Scheme which enables tyres which have been recycled to be traced back to their origin right the way thorough the eco process from collection at the garage or tyre retailer to their ultimate end use.

However you may or may not be aware that since 2006 it has been illegal to simply send un wanted tyres directly to land fill sites, instead they are now used in many many ways from fuel to barriers, within the construction industry to sports grounds.

But this comes at a cost as all members of the scheme are regularly checked to make sure that they are following the guidelines and complying with all current rules and regulations.

This is exactly where un ethical recyclers fit in simply wanting to cut monatary costs in favor of increasing the environmental impact.

At Aequitas Automotive we just like you think that this is unforgivable and sincerely hope that the full force of the law is brought to bear on anyone who chooses this path.

So before you change you next tyre make sure that you are not encouraging the environmental carnage that this unethical behavior can do by making sure that your tyre provider is a member of the scheme. After all they are our tyres and we too should take some responsibility for our waste by making sure that the impact they have on the eco system is kept to a minimum.

You can watch the whole report by visiting the BBCs I player or simply clicking BBC Tyre Report