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UK Based Claims & Customer Service

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Upto 75% cheaper than competitors

Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

October 31, 2012
The Citroen brand has long been associated with innovation and style, even quirkiness if you will. However, the arrival of the Citroen DS3 gave the French manufacturer a true claim to an iconic vehicle. The DS3 combines an attractive exterior with all the practicality required in todays market. Lets be honest it has much more mainstream appeal than some of the Citroen models of the past, and this is extended to other models such as the DS4 and beyond. However, the DS3 has not been...Read more
October 26, 2012
After a sizeable investment in research and development, car manufacturer Seat have announced that production of the new Leon model will begin in 2013. The manufacture of the Leon will continue in Spain, securing the jobs of the current 1600 factory workforce, and thousands of jobs in the supply chain. The new Leon is both lighter and shorter than its predecessor, although the manufacturer has managed to produce more passenger and luggage space. Read more
October 26, 2012
Ford Motor Company have announced that its two remaining UK production plants at Southampton and Dagenham are set to close, with the loss of 1400 UK jobs. The losses come as part of a larger restructering plan, which involves the closure of the huge Ford plant in Genk in Belgium, and cross European job losses of over 5,000. The Southampton plant has produced Ford Transit models for decades, and Unions are angry at the move as they claim the workers...Read more
October 25, 2012
Aequitas Automotive Ltd, who own and operate the GapInsurance123 brand, are please to announce the appointment of two new team members. The recent success of GapInsurance123 and the sister brand of Easy Gap, has seen the business look to invest in new roles in order to enable continued development. Tom Luetchford has been appointed as Business and Marketing specialist for the company, and Nicole Simmons joins the Internet Marketing team at Aequitas. The roles have been highlighted as a natural progression for the company, as Director Mark Griffiths explained. &quo...Read more
October 20, 2012
Dacia is a brand with a chequered past in the UK. The original Dacia vehicles were Renault vehicles, made under license in Romania, and the brand sat with other budget brands from the eastern block, such as Lada, Skoda and Yugo. The vehicles were unsophisticated to say the least, and when compared to the mainstays of the market at the time, such as Ford and Vauxhall. As with many of these brands, they were ultimately either purchased by one of the western cars giants, like Skoda were by Volkswagen Audi, or disappeared into oblivion with the demise of the eastern...Read more
October 20, 2012
It is only natural that you may have many questions regarding Gap Insurance. It may be that you have never heard of it before and wish to understand more about it. It could also be that your motor dealer has quoted a price for Gap Insurance that is far higher than we quote (this happens alot!), and you just want to ensure that the cover is at least the same. The experience of the GapInsurance123 team At GapInsurance123 we have a customer service team with a difference, they ha...Read more
October 15, 2012
Lets be honest, Volkswagen were very clever when they launched the marketing campaign around the slogan 'its just like a Golf'. The VW Golf has been the benchmark hatchback for 35 years, and that is a massive achievement by any manufacturers standards. Most successful vehicles have their time in the sun, and are replaced by new models bearing inspiring new names. However, imagine if Volkswagen ever came to the conclusion that they will replace the 'Golf' brand with a new model. It would be like having to follow Frank Sinatra on stage or replacing Sir Alex Ferguso...Read more
October 8, 2012
Aequitas Automotive are please to welcome Digital Marketing expert Mark Connor to the team. Mark has a strong background in Search Engine marketing and Social Media marketing, and has has extensive experience having worked in a similar role for a leading Motor Insurance provider. Mark's primary role will be to coordinate the marketing strategy on current brands, as well as plan new campaigns for upcoming brands and product launches. Aequitas Automotive is one of the few leading brands who control all of its marketing 'in house', a commitment that was m...Read more
October 6, 2012
The new car sales figures for the 62 plate launch in September 2012 were released recently, and the result was a pleasant surprise to the motor industry........if not to GapInsurance123! Earlier in the month we had reported that sales of GapInsurance123 products were at record levels, and surmised that this may represent a productive month for the motor industry in the UK. Indeed this has proved to be the case. Recent figures released by the SMMT shows that just under 360,000 new cars were regist...Read more
October 2, 2012
Aequitas Automotive have always liked to lead the way with Gap Insurance. We were the first UK broker to announce our intention to provide 5 year Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance. We provide you with quotes from not one, but two leading Gap Insurance brands, as we own and operate both Easy Gap and GapInsurance123. This means we can offer a totally impartial view on these brands, as opposed to many other leading online brands who have only one choice...Read more
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