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Upto 75% cheaper than competitors

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Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

January 31, 2013
The New McLaren MP4-28 is Unveiled as the Season Gets Nearer!   It is the month of unveiling in Formula 1 as we have seen recently with the unveiling of the new Ferrari. The new McLaren MP4-28 has been revealed by the new look team with drivers Jenson Button and Sergio P...Read more
January 30, 2013
Toyota withdraw from the UK Crossover market   Toyota have recently announced plans to completely withdraw from the UK crossover market due to the recent slump fellow Japanese and market leader Nissan's Juke model.   Read more
January 29, 2013
As we all know living costs are rising up and up and up constantly, so it is natural for people to look for new ways to boost their income or to save on the spending this coming year. Though what would you think about the idea of turning your front driveway into a garage. Now your starting to wonder what this could possibly mean. What if you could rent out the space at the front of your home so that electric vehicle owners and drivers could charge their Read more
January 28, 2013
The Kia Sorento new model is up by £1,500, which makes it a little more expensive than the CR-V from Honda, though the differences in styling and cabin is a great improvement from the previous model and is extremely well equipped. The MK7 Volkswagen Golf will be available this month with a range of engines and choice...Read more
January 28, 2013
New Peugeot Citroen to run on air?   The French manufacturing duo Peugeot Citroen have invented a new technology that will see its cars run on air and ready for the market as soon as 2016. The all new Hybrid Air technology will allow the car to run on both petrol and air, rather than electricity.   Read more
January 25, 2013
Toyota and BMW have announced their plant to develop a new sports car together, lightweight tech, fuel cells and more. Both companies signed long term agreements to develop a new fuel cell system jointly, sports car architecture and lightweight materials. The agreement is an extension of an original understanding which was signed by heads of Toyota and BMW, this previous year in June. Both firms signed the agreement wh...Read more
January 25, 2013
Fuel Prices up 4p with little warning!   The issue that not only effects motorists but everyone has come back into play. Fuel prices are expected rise 4p within a matter of days in the UK. 4P will be the highest it will increase making it one of the most expensive fuel figures in the Europe.   The UK curren...Read more
January 24, 2013
A man from Ottowa has been charged with a $75 parking ticket for parking on his own property as the space was once a pavement. Mike Kang had parked his vehicle in a marked spot in a parking lot of the Midas garage of which he owns, which is close to the under construction road which is in front of his business when he was given the ticket. The parking space sits on a spot that...Read more
January 24, 2013
As the majority of Britain continues to fight and battle with the conditions, the AA has released a statement criticising motorists who take to the road without removing any snow or ice from the body of their vehicle alongside the release of the winters top 10 worst cars.   The motoring organisation has labelled the issue as the “igloo mentality” and as the first four days of the heavy snow came to an end, they had receive...Read more
January 23, 2013
With the winter in full swing, people are bound to get fed up of the warnings they are faced with on a daily basis of the basic chores that must be carried out in order to ensure the safety of your car. Snow and ice, unfortunately are likely with the plummeting temperatures of our Great Britain and motorists are now being warned that they must not forget about the roof of their vehicle when clearing snow from it on their way to work....Read more
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