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UK Based Claims & Customer Service

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Upto 75% cheaper than competitors

Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

August 31, 2014
From the 1st October 2014 the vehicle Tax Disc will be no more. The little round piece of paper that you got every six or twelve months is being phased out, and the way in which you pay for your vehicle excise duty is changing too. As before, you can buy 12 or 6 month tax period, however you may also have the option of paying by diredct debit over 12 months (although not on brand new registrations).Read more
August 29, 2014
The motorbike range is vastly growing as the months go by with Japanese manufacturers dominating the market on a global scale. One of these manufacturers which have proven to be one of the best around the world is the Honda brand. They are famous in the motorcycle industry for additions such as the SP1/SP2 and the big selling Fireblade model. Today though w...Read more
August 26, 2014
Some exciting news today regarding the sports car world coming straight from the Japanese manufacturer Nissan, we are pleased to reveal that the manufacturer has officially confirmed the brand new 370Z Nismo model and it is expected to see a launch in 2015. The Nismo from Nissan was originally brought into the world back in 2009 and came in the form of the 370Z. It was first ...Read more
August 22, 2014
Word has been spreading recently about a brand new second life cycle for the XF from British manufacturer Jaguar and recently the vehicle has been officially spotted out and about testing under a heavy disguise. This brand new model is to be revealed at some point throughout the course of 2016 with an expected launch to occ...Read more
August 16, 2014
In an ever increasingly competitive independent Gap Insurance market it is perhaps only natural that you compare your products with those of your competitors. It is also natural that those competitors will compare their products with yours also. Of course there is a major difference between you comparing your products internally, and then making the decision to use these comparisons as a marketing tool. We are aware that some other providers in the field are all too happy to openly compare themselves with our GapInsurance123 products. We receive customer feedback on a daily basi...Read more
August 15, 2014
Aequitas Automotive Ltd, the UK company behind GapInsurance123, Easy Gap, and TyreInsurance123 has seen rapid expansion of business in recent years. GapInsurance123 has been the higher ranked Gap Insurance provider on the internet in 2014, and having three of the top retail Gap Insurance ...Read more
August 14, 2014
The A4 from German car designers Audi has been one of the most recognisable vehicles that the manufacturer has ever had on offer. Production of the original A4 model began in 1994 and is still going strong today. Now in it's fifth generation including face lifted models and other variants the A4 has sold just o...Read more
August 9, 2014
At Aequitas Automotive Ltd we have always sought to lead the way in the Gap Insurance market in the UK. Our approach has always been to be innovative, and of course the best confirmation of this is when other leading brands in the market follow. Some examples where we believe Aequitas Automotive have shown the way forward with new features: - The first UK provider to offer stand alone 'deferrable' products for those who have replacement cover on their motor insurance. - The first UK provider to announce its intentions to provide 5 year options for C...Read more
August 8, 2014
In some of the latest vehicle release news today,we cast our attention to the British car manufacturer Jaguar who have officially launched their brand new XK Dynamic R model onto our roads here in the UK and across other various parts of the world also. The Jaguar brand are well known all around the world not just on European markets and have seen much su...Read more
August 7, 2014
What do you get when you cross a hybrid vehicle with one of the biggest selling Porsche vehicles available today ?, the Cayenne SE hybrid of course. This vehicle which is set to arrive around October/November of this year will mark the first ever hybrid version of the vehicle to ever go on sale. The Read more
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