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UK Based Claims & Customer Service

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Upto 75% cheaper than competitors

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Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

30 Day Cancellation and Cooling Off with GapInsurance123

When you buy a car, everything can seem as though it is all a big rush. Getting your motor insurance sorted, any finance on your old car settled, finding old service books, V5's and MOT's etc, etc. You can be forgiven for getting lost in everything you have to do, and one of those things is in setting up your Gap Insurance.

At GapInsurance123, we try to be as accommodating as possible, as we do understand the whole new car buying experience can be quite a blur. With this in mind, you can buy Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement policies up to 180 days AFTER you have bought your vehicle. Although it must be stressed, you are clearly not covered until you have bought your policy!

Gap Insurance Cooling Off period

However, we are often asked what happens if you buy a policy before you pick up the vehicle, just to ensure you are covered when you drive away, and you have to reject the vehicle upon delivery? Now this does not happen very often, but if the vehicle is not as described, or there is a major defect on the vehicle, you can well be within your rights to withdraw from the sale with the dealer.

What happens with the Gap Insurance policy you already have in place?

Well with GapInsurance123 policies you have an automatic 30-day 'cooling off' period, during which time we can cancel the policy for any reason, provided you have not attempted to make a claim and issue a full refund with no penalties. This, we believe is as long a period as can be found in the UK marketplace for this type of cover, with the standard period of 14 days much more commonplace.

We think that 30 days gives you enough time to consider the policy fully, and allow time for any unforeseen 'faults' to become apparent on the vehicle also. If you have to reject the vehicle after 3 weeks, you can still cancel your GapInsurance123 policy with a full refund returned to you.

What about after 30 days?

As explained elsewhere, the flexibility of a GapInsurance123 policy allows you the chance to cancel your policy after 30 days, and apply for a refund of any unused premium at the point of cancellation (less the prevailing cancellation fee at the time you bought your policy, please check the corresponding policy terms to confirm this). This means that with a GapInsurance123 policy, you only pay for the cover you use, and will not be charged for cover you do not use.

Another option is to look to transfer the unused premium onto another vehicle if that is more suitable. We would be happy to discuss all options with you at the appropriate time. 

Absolutely amazing. Simple, straightforward and easy to get a quote. I wish I used this provider for my last car, I would have saved over £200.
5 out of 5
Mr Stephen Mackay
Excellent - good choice of cover - great price - clear English and documents sent straight to my email address. I tried 3 quote engines or at least what I thought were quote engines and was told I'd get a call back with the quote -- it never happened. Very pleased.
5 out of 5
Mrs Tracey Collen
After researching various different outlets I chose GAP Insurance 123 as it appears to give the best value for money, just hope I never have to claim on the cover I have taken out.
5 out of 5
Mr Frank Wilson
I was nervous about finding GAP insurance for my self but when the dealer I bought my used car from wanted over £350 for GAP I looked around and got cover from gapinsurance123 for less than half the price. Great website with explanations of what the different types of GAP cover helying you to decide which is the most suitable product for you.
5 out of 5
Mr Nicholas Joel Hancock
Very simple process, terms and conditions clear and easy to understand. Saved 60% of the premium Dealer was offering. Well Recommended
5 out of 5
Mr david shuttleworth
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